Infant Massages

Benefits of Pediatric Massage

  • Helps child sleep more soundly
  • Encourages bonding
  • Relaxes baby’s nervous system
  • Strengthens baby’s respiratory, circulatory, and immune systems
  • Reduces colic
  • so much more!!!

Balanced Baby Massage

This 2 week class is designed for parents and caregivers of babies from birth to 12 months. In this class, you will learn basic massage strokes for babies, calming techniques and some basic information on child development.

Tranquil Toddler

This 4 week play class is designed to teach you the physical and emotional benefits of massage for your active toddlers at home. We will teach you massage & relaxation techniques using fun games, stories, songs and activities that reinforce important language, cognitive and social-emotional skills. This class is designed for parents of toddlers age 6 months to 4 years.

Once Upon A Lullaby

Once Upon A Lullaby