Frequently asked Questions

1. Do I REALLY need to take classes before I deliver? How are these classes different than the ones offered at the hospital or other community locations?

I strongly recommend you take a childbirth preparation class (as well as the baby care and Breastfeeding class- if you are planning to breastfeed your newborn). While there is a lot of information available online- you are not always assured the information is evidence-based or up-to-date. Plus- hands-on practice and class demonstrations are also valuable tools to help you learn.

Hospital classes are often focused on the process of labor within a hospital setting and the emphasis is on preparing you for labor management in the hospital. Independent community classes are often taught by doulas- who are certified birth professionals- but are often not medically licensed- and their emphasis is on the natural management of labor and not as much on the hospital environment. As a nurse, I see the importance of both types of classes and have tailored my curriculum to provide you with the best of both! I want you to be fully prepared with the proper tools to not only manage your labor for as long as you can- but to be well informed of options available (taught from a medical perspective) should you find that you do need intervention at some point.

2. Can I come alone or is my partner required to attend with me?

While it is best if both you and your partner/coach attend the classes together, I still recommend you come alone if that is not possible. You will learn information that will give you a better understanding of what to expect and you can share the handouts with them at home. If your partner/coach has to miss one class in a series, or is unable to attend; you are welcome to bring someone else.

3. How many support people can I bring with me?

Due to space restraints, I ask that you limit to bringing just one person with you to class.

4. Is there an additional charge for my partner/coach?

No- the class fee includes participation for you and one support person.

5. What should we bring to class?

I recommend you bring a water bottle and a snack to all classes.