About Me

I am a registered nurse with a passion for preparing expectant families for the childbirth experience and the adventure that awaits as new parents. If you are pregnant, the story of this adventure is starting to unfold for you and I want to help prepare you to make educated and informed decisions along the way. I believe that education and proper medical care are the tools you need to help you on your path to parenthood. Together with your physician or midwife, I hope to empower you to “take the pen” and begin to write the story of your “happily ever after.”

I also understand that some stories will have unexpected endings and when this happens, I want to walk alongside you and help you take your next steps toward health and recovery. Contact me today and let me be a part of your story.

Marcia Huizinga RN, BSN, CCCE, CLE – Owner/Instructor

Marcia is a registered nurse with almost 20 years of experience in OB & Women’s Health. She graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, and settled in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband, Tom. They are the proud parents of three boys who are now all grown and married- hoping to someday start families of their own.

Marcia’s OB nursing experience in several area hospitals and recent OB/GYN office as well as her own childbirth stories- including a singleton, a twin pregnancy, a natural birth, a medicated vaginal birth, cesarean delivery with an epidural and numerous medical interventions- have inspired her to share her knowledge along with the expertise of some of her friends and colleagues with expectant families in the Chicagoland area. We are all excited to see how our stories will help to shape yours.